ashlyn anstee is:.


A Canadian-American author, illustrator, writer, and storyboard artist who lives with her husband and three cats in Los Angeles, CA.

For literary inquiries, please contact Kelly Sonnack at Andrea Brown Literary Agency

kelly at andreabrownlit.com


You can reach ashlyn directly at ashlyn dot anstee at gmail dot com.

Are We There, Yeti? (Simon & Schuster. 2015)

No, No, Gnome! (Simon & Schuster. 2016)

Hedgehog! (Tundra, 2018) 


Upcoming books:
The Grumpy Pirate (illustrations, Scholastic, TBD)


Animation, Storyboards, and Development Clients:
Disney Jr, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, Glen Keane Productions, PUNY, Sixpoint Harness, GIPHY, JibJab, Storybots


Co-Producer of LA Loopdeloop, a bimonthly animation show (loopdeloop.org)